Clenbuterol cycle

Clenbuterol is a renowned fat burner used in cycles to lose fat effectively with no lean muscle mass damage. The key disadvantage of any cutting cycle is a potentially high risk to lose muscle mass together with unwanted fats from belly and waist. Clenbuterol cycle ensures proper weight loss during cutting phase and complete preservation of gained muscles.

There are many alternatives of Clenbuterol cycles. However there are only three of them which are recommended by pro athletes as well as only two types of Clenbuterol cycles which are top effective for cutting.

Each Clenbuterol cycles is guided with a simple rule which is driven through the mechanism of action of the drug. The matter is that a human body gets adjusted to the action of the supplement and the efficacy of Clenbuterol cycles gets amazingly decreased. That is why Clenbuterol is commonly taken in intervals as two days with the drug and two days without or two weeks with Clenbuterol and the next two weeks without the drug. Such an approach to organizing a Clenbuterol cycle results in a very continuous use. Moreover the results of Clenbuterol will be more extended in time and less visible for you. This review provides you top three effective Clenbuterol cycles wth pros and cons of each one.

Bursting Clenbuterol cycle – 2 on/2off

This is one of the simplest schemes of Clenbuterol cycle with two days of intake of Clen and two days off. The name “bursting” describes the way of intake very well. During such Clenbuterol cycle an average dosage of the drug during days on is commonly very high (100-120mcg). The off period consists of two days of totally nothing. This means that you do not take any drugs or any dosages (even the lowest ones). This type of Clenbuterol cycle is best used for prolonged cutting phase. It can last up to several months. Still experts and pro athletes consider this type of cycle on Clenbuterol the least effective among top three. Moreover such an approach to cutting with Clenbuterol requires caution and carefulness from an athlete to achieve desired results. This approach to cutting with Clenbuterol cycle causes additional stress on the body with a lot of up and down activity in your body. Another disadvantage of this method of cutting with Clenbuterol is that taking 2 days the drug with intervals of two days off will not release all the potential of this powerful fat burning agent. With such a interval intake of Clenbuterol it is very hard to predict when you will achieve desired cutting results. Moreover, none of pro athletes taking Clen for years in preparation for competition cycles will tell you the time frames of achieving of the results. Opting for such a Clenbuterol cycle you will need to track your results and take a decision whether to go on the cycle or to stop it.

Top widely used Clenbuterol cycle

This Clenbuterol cycle is one of the most favourite among the pro and beginning athletes as well. The scheme is the same simple as in bursting Clenbuterol cycle however with the key difference in the on and off phases. This cycle suggests taking Clenbuterol for two weeks with following two weeks off. This type of Clen cycle is top famous due to multiple positive reviews of performance enhancers who achieved stunning results and shows the photo proofs. In such a cycle Clenbuterol performs its best fat burning properties.

During the first two weeks on with Clenbuterol the dosage of the drug gets gradually increased starting with an average 20mcg or 40mcg (depending on the initial physical condition and the cutting experience of an athlete). It is not recommended to start Clenbuterol cycle with 40mcg for beginning athletes taking the supplement for the first time in their training experience. The maximum dosage of Clenbuterol is 120-140mcg depending on a desired result and the initial condition. A daily dosage must be increased daily and gradually in even steps reaching the maximum dosage. When you reach maximum dosage on the 14th day of intake, please, discontinue the drug for the next two weeks. At the end of the break, the Clenbuterol intake must be renewed at the last dosage you take. For example, if you stop the first two weeks on Clenbuterol with a maximum dosage of 120mcg of Clenbuterol, then the next two weeks on after the two weeks of break must be started with 120mcg daily dosage which will be gradually day after day decreased.

Incrementing Clenbuterol cycle

This is the least popular but the top effective and efficient cycle suggesting taking Clen starting with the lowest dosage and increasing it every two-three weeks. By doing so you will keep your metabolism up and enjoy the fullest extent of its fat burning potential.

No one will recommend you the top effective cycle as each body performs an individual response to the action of Clenbuterol.Clenbuterol cycle

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