How to take clenbuterol

Each user must know for sure how to take Clenbuterol to avoid common mistakes in order to keep up your sporting plan. Wrong intake of Clenbuterol will not harm your body severely, but will take time for recovery and another start of Clen cycle. That is why we have accumulated top recommendations on how to take this drug to ensure success and safety of intake for you.

How to take clenbuterolClenbuterol is a potent bronchospastic syndrome treatment, a bronchodilator, used in sports for fat burning and performance enhancement. The drug does not stimulate muscle growth or power enhancement. It works as a thermogenic stimulator using fats as a “fuel”.

Clenbuterol is a drug and thus it can change how your body functions. It is not a food supplement or a vitamin to be used as you want. Due to a specific nature, Clenbuterol must not be taken by scheme, but an intake as needed is possible. When taken with no certain scheme and dosing, Clenbuterol will not perform a desired effect as well as can cause unwanted side effects which are not risky (in case only you do not overdose with the drug), but bothersome and sufficiently reduce the quality of life and the way you workout.

How to take Clenbuterol for beginning users?

If you just start your first Clenbuterol cycle, then your key rule will be:

less is more!

While the recommended dosages and schemes for professional athletes largely depend on their individual conditions and response to the action of Clen, the beginning users are strongly recommended to start with minimal dosages.

Clenbuterol is available in pills and liquid. The best option for beginning Clen users is pills as they are evenly dosed and simple to take.

Your cycle will start with the lowest dosage of 20mcg and the incrementing step will be 20mcg as well. The maximum dosage of the drug during the first cycle will be 100-120mcg.

Clenbuterol causes some side effects which can be easily managed with time of intake of the drug. We have a section describing all possible Clenbuterol side effects on this website. Please, be sure to review it, before your first cycle start.

The most commonly reported side effects of Clen are jittery feeling in the limbs and insomnia. These side effects are determined with stimulating effect of the drug. While avoiding jittery feeling is almost impossible, you can easily affect the way you sleep. To avoid insomnia and troubles with falling asleep, you need to manage your Clenbuterol intake in such a way, that you take the dosages in the morning. If you opt for two time intake, please, be sure to take the last daily dosage at least 8 hours prior to going to sleep.

Mind that unpleasant jittery feeling caused with Clenbuterol will vanish as soon as your body will get adjusted to the action of the drug.

How to take Clenbuterol in maximum dosages?

During the first cycle Clenbuterol dosage is rarely increased to a possible maximum. The recommended maximum dosages of Clen are 120mcg-140mcg. However there are athletes who have already tried various Clen cycles and who are sure in the response of the body, who take as much as 200mcg of Clenbuterol in cutting cycles.

We consider it ultimately important to warn you that taking a maximum dosage of Clenbuterol can cause cardiac problems which can be lethal. Please, avoid using maximum Clen dosages for a prolonged period of time. To improve the efficacy of the drug, it is recommended to combine Clenbuterol with proper diet and with well planned physical workouts.

Mind, that the top priority is keeping health and life safe. If you doubt how to take Clenbuterol to achieve maximum effect, please, consult experienced users.

How to take Clenbuterol to achieve maximum effect?

The most effective cycle of Clenbuterol with proved efficacy is two weeks on vs two weeks off with gradual incrementing of dosage. Clenbuterol causes body adjustment, this means that your body gets used to the action of the drug very quickly and stops responding to the effect of the medicine in a desired way. However there are tips on how to take Clenbuterol to achieve ultimate effect. The drug can be combined with Ketotifen to reduce the effect of adjustment. We have described a precise scheme of intake Clenbuterol in combination with Ketotifen.

Final tips on how to take Clenbuterol

Never exceed the maximum dosage of Clen as it causes additional stress and strain on heart muscle.

Never mix the drug with other fat burners. Please, make a thorough research and review the section of interactions of Clenbuterol with other drugs on the official website of the drug developer to be sure your cycles are safe.

Feeling some bothersome symptoms the presence of which you associate with intake of Clenbuterol, please, stop taking the drug and report your case to health care provider.

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