Is Clenbuterol Legal

The top question: is Clenbuterol legal? To find out the answer to this question we need to learn at first, what is Clenbuterol and what are the key administrations of the drug. Many beginning athletes are interested not in its legal status, but in the safety of the drug. It is a common knowledge that illegal drugs are at the high risk group as there is no governmental control over their quality.

 Is Clenbuterol LegalClenbuterol is a powerful stimulator and bronchodilator intended for a prolonged usage in patients with certain breathing conditions. It is a prescription drug for use in humans in many countries of the world, but outside the United States. However it is widely used by athletes and bodybuilders as an enhanced of lean muscle mass and powerful fat burner with low risks for health and life. The drug is popular among athletes for its repartitioning effect.

On the pharmaceutical market of the United States Clenbuterol is warned against usage in humans by FDA, but is approved for usage in horses. In 1998 FDA approved Clenbuterol-based syrup for use in horses suffering from airways obstruction and requiring instant treatment. However the drug was also available only with prescription from a vet doctor. For all other cases Clenbuterol is banned in the United States. Mind, that the drug is also banned for use in cattle intended for food. Is Clenbuterol legal outside the United States? Yes, outside the US Clenbuterol is served as prescription drug for treatment of asthmatic and bronchial conditions. The availability forms are pills and liquid. The recommended dosages are 20-30mcg of the drug twice a day.

Is Clenbuterol legal and dangerous?

No, Clenbuterol does not pose any risks for your health if used consciously and moderately. The absence of health risks is evident as the drug is intended for patients suffering from incurable conditions for ease and control of asthmatic and bronchial attacks. Thus there are no risks as patients outside the US get prescriptions and take this drug for months.

Another fact proving that Clenbuterol is safe and poses no dangerous risks for your health is wide use of the drug by athletes. The bodybuilders and athletes all over the world choose Clenbuterol as the safest and most effective medicine. Is Clenbuterol legal? It depends on where you buy Clenbuterol. In the United States you will not be able to buy Clen officially, but still it is available from research labs and websites selling Clenbuterol for the purpose of scientific research and investigation of its effect of human body.

Clenbuterol is widely popular among athletes due to its ability to change body composition. It sufficiently reduced the content of body fat and increases lean muscle mass. A common dosage used by athletes and bodybuilders is 60mcg-120mcg in a day. Mind that this dosage is higher that the average dosage recommended for safe control of bronchial conditions. However at lower dosages the repartitioning effect of Clen is not as evident.

To achieve ultimate effect of Clen, athletes commonly mix the drug with anabolic steroids and otherĀ  stimulators and performance enhancers as Human Growth Hormone.

Usage of Clenbuterol

Is Clenbuterol legal? It also depends on the way you are going to use the drug. There are no official health authorities which have approved the use of medicine for weight loss or performance enhancement in humans. However the drug is legally prescribed for treatment of various conditions as asthma or bronchospastic syndrome as well as high blood pressure and migraines.

Clenbuterol is much more preferred by female athletes as it does not perform the side effects which are characteristic for anabolic steroids (male type hair growth, change of voice, thickening of skin).

The off label use of Clenbuterol as a powerful weight loss pill is also popular among patients with excessive weight.

The availability of Clenbuterol on the US market

Answering the question, is Clenbuterol legal, you will wonder how you can buy the drug in the United States. The drug is widely available via internet stores supplying supplements and stimulators for athletes. The drug is illegally imported from the countries where its use is approved for administration in humans.

The current status of Clenbuterol

Currently Clenbuterol is not controlled under the United States Controlled Substances Act. But the drug is on the list of performance enhancing drugs of the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee. If an athlete or a bodybuilder is tested positive for Clen usage, then the athlete will be withdrawn from taking part in competitions for a certain period of time.

If the question for you, is Clenbuterol legal or not, still matters, then you are probably better to search for other alternatives on sports pharmaceutical market. But if you interest lies only in the sphere of the legacy of the drug in terms of its safety, then you can safely buy and take the drug as it is recommended for your condition and goals.

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