Liquid clenbuterol

When planning your first fat burning or cutting cycle with Clen, you will surely find liquid Clenbuterol as an alternative to pills. This drug is manufactured only for oral administration. There are no original forms of the medicine for intramuscular or intravenous injections. Liquid form of Clen is commonly taken orally. Pro athletes and bodybuilders using Clenbuterol constantly in competition preparation cycles recommend placing a dosage of Clen under the tongue or to mix the liquid with your daily drink.

Liquid clenbuterolLiquid Clen does not perform any difference in positive effects, neither it pauses more or less risks for your health. It is the same effective and the same safe as Clenbuterol in tablet form.

Liquid drug is not recommended however for beginning users and there are three evident reasons why it is so:

  1. The convenience of use and storage – while Clenbuterol tablets can be stored in a place protected from high humidity, direct sunlight and high temperatures (for example, in a kitchen cabinet or any other place), then liquid form of the drug must be stored only in the fridge. A pill is more convenient to take at any place wherever you are, while a liquid dosage of Clen must be taken only at home. It is not as convenient to measure a liquid dosage, for example, in the gym.
  2. Proper measuring – the key problem is that liquid Clenbuterol compromises the proper dosage. The matter is that the active component does not spread evenly in the liquid. Thus proper shaking before getting a new dosage from the bottle is a must. The uneven spread of the active component causes taking each time a different dosage. While the volume will be the same, the content of Clen will be different. This can sufficiently affect the efficacy and the Clenbuterol results you expect to achieve.
  3. Authoritative sources claim that liquid Clen is often of lower quality than the tablet drug.

Still if you order Clenbuterol from a reputable online supplier then you can safely take it following the next rules:

  1. Before you will take your first liquid dosage of Clenbuterol, please, check the concentration of the drug. The matter is that Clenbuterol comes in different concentration of the liquid form. There can be Clen of 100mcg per 1ml, of 50mcg per 1ml or of 200mcg per 1ml of liquid. Knowing the concentration of Clen is of ultimate importance for your health and safety as it is easily to overdose or to take the drug incorrectly during the cycle.
  2. Please, use a precise measuring appliance. Some manufacturers of liquid Clenbuterol provide a dropper which exactly measures 1ml. Some of bottles come without any appliance for correct measuring of dosage. Please, do not use teaspoons or other household appliances to try to exactly measure the liquid. You must understand that Clenbuterol is a medicine and not a food supplement which can be measured as you wish without the need to precise measure each intake.
  3. Liquid Clenbuterol needs to be well titrated in the same way as you increase pill intake. Proper titrating of Clenbuterol helps to avoid unwanted reactions from the part of your body; it helps your body to adjust to the stimulating effect of the medicine as well as to follow the most effective intake schemes. A starting dosage of liquid Clenbuterol commonly varies from 20mcg to 25mcg and is increased BY 20mcg following the scheme of your cycle. Please, review the section of Clenbuterol cycles to find out a proper intake scheme of the drug.

In other terms the intake of a liquid form of Clenbuterol does not vary from that intake of tablet form.

Liquid drug features the same potential risks of causing side effects as Clenbuterol pills. However the cases of overdosing with liquid Clen take place much more often due to difficulties with measuring a correct dosage.

Another reason of high number of complaints about liquid Clen is that the overall quality of liquid is lower than of pills.

What is a proper option for you?

Nobody will tell you for sure that pills of Clenbuterol are safer and more effective than liquid form of Clen. The only evident benefit  of opting for a liquid form of the drug is that liquids commonly get faster absorbed in the body.

As you take Clen not as a instant remedy to ease breathing condition, but as a systematic stimulator for fat burning, then you do not depend on time the drug gets absorbed.

There are athletes who give preference to liquid form of Clen, while others do only take pills. These are all only personal preferences. Our advice will be to take Clenbuterol in pills for beginning users and to try liquid form of Clenbuterol for those users who plan the next cutting cycles with Clen.

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