What is clenbuterol

Many athletes and pro users still do not know what is Clenbuterol and suggest this drug being an anabolic steroid. Though it is not and never has been. To get ultimate effect of Clenbuterol cycle and to enjoy the best effects of the drug, you must know what the drug is, what it is not and which effects and results are possible with the drug.

What is ClenbuterolClenbuterol is produced by Sopharma Pharmaceuticals and is a bronchodilator. It is a stimulant synthetic compound that stimulates and activates beta-2 adrenergic receptors in the body. Initially the drug was developed as a treatment for managing and control of bronchospastic conditions as asthma. But one of its key effects induces the fat burning processes in the body. Numerous scientific trials and researches have proved that Clenbuterol burns fat without potential lean muscle mass damaging.

It is illegal in the United States, while it is officially prescribed by health care providers to treat breathing and related conditions in other countries of the world. Among top conditions well responding to the treatment with Clen there are high blood pressure, severe headaches and migraines, various cardiovascular conditions as arrhythmia and cardiac shock.

Clenbuterol is used not only by professional athletes and bodybuilders to cut the relief of muscles before competitions. It is also used by amateur sportsmen and people who desperately fight excessive weight but in vain. The drug is also of great popularity among models. Being a bronchodilator intended for a prolonged use, the drug is safe even in case it is taken in high dosages.

In your own research of what is Clenbuterol you will also want to know the available forms of the drug. Clenbuterol is available in pills and liquid form. The best way to take Clen is to choose pills. There are certain inconveniences with liquid form, starting from difficulties with titrating a correct dosage to the quality of suspension you get. That is why we recommend taking Clenbuterol in pills. The dosages of pills are 20mcg and 40mcg which are very convenient for any cycle you choose and for athletes of any level of training. If you are a beginning user of Clen, then your dosage is 20mcg with incrementing the dosage by 20mcg. Pro athletes who already know what is Clenbuterol and how it affects the body, what side effects are possible, choose 40mcg at the start and the incrementing step of 20mcg or 40mcg.

What effects of Clenbuterol are possible and what are impossible?

Learning what is Clenbuterol you must know what effects of Clen you can expect and what effects are just impossible.

They key effect of the drug is stimulating. This effect determines the weight loss and the same effect determines unwanted reactions of the body as jittery feeling in limbs and troubles with sleeping.

Clenbuterol does not assist in muscle building up directly. It boosts energy and somewhat endurance which may result in better performance at the gym and as a consequence of this chain of processes – a better final build-up. However you must not hope that Clen will work as anabolic steroid in adding up lean muscle mass. Another factor creating the impression of Clenbuterol being active in adding up muscles is that the drug does not cause muscle damage. This means that when on cutting cycle with Clenbuterol you will preserve muscles. Commonly other fat burners cruelly melt muscles together with fats. Clen works differently. That is why the drug is so popular.

A perfect muscle cut after Clenbuterol cycle is also possible due to effective burning of fat all over the body. As the muscles are covered with a thin layer of body fat (as a key protection), after the fat being melt by Clenbuterol the muscles appear more distinctively.

Thus you can expect with Clenbuterol:

  • fast burning of fats all over body
  • thermogenic effect
  • boost of energy

Clenbuterol does not affect your appetite or digestion. You will feel the same hunger as before. However to improve the efficiency of the medicine is it recommended to:

  • keep to a low fat and low cab diet
  • to workout regularly

Clenbuterol will not add up muscles, stop your hunger or improve drastically your performance in the gym.

Finally, you know what is Clenbuterol, but there is still a question whether the drug will work for you. Clen will be effective in anybody who follow a proper scheme of intake on Clenbuterol cycle. Being safe for a prolonged use in asthmatic patients, you will not be able to harm your health within any Clen cycle.

If you still need more information on what is Clenbuterol, please, ask pro athletes. Do not rely heavily on user reviews of Clenbuterol online as there is much of fake and unreliable information which can mislead and confuse you.

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